IEEE Software Patents Debate

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch and in association with The University of Auckland Debating Society is proud to present the public Software Patents Debate on Friday 15th of October. If you’re a programmer, this debate is for you. It will debate the issue of whether or not software should be patentable. It’s important to come to this debate because the Patents Bill reform currently before Parliament, which seeks to exclude software from patentability. It affects everyone, from budding programmers to large multinational companies (think Microsoft).

Do software patents stifle innovation and competition?  Or will excluding software patents stop companies developing innovative programs?

We will have experts from both sides of the issue pitch their arguments to you.

Guest speakers include:
Peter Harrison – Vice-President of New Zealand Open Source Society (NZOSS).
Igor Portugal – CEO of Vadacom.
Ben Milsom – The University of Auckland Debating Society.
Mitchell Cooper – The University of Auckland Debating Society.

Date: Friday, 15th of October.
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm.
Venue: The University of Auckland, School of Engineering, Eng1439/401-439 (by the Neon Foyer).
Notes: This is a public debate, it’s open to everyone.