A completely new design of our website



A team of the Executive, made up of Hengjie (Chair, left) and Shaun (IT Officer, right), have completely revamped the Student Branch website. This is the second redesign of the website in the past two years and it is a significant one. Below you’ll hear about our design rationale, our design taste and why we think it’ll provide our IEEE members an unique experience, like nowhere else.

Why redesign?

Before we begin, just a little bit of history: The Branch’s website was redesigned by Shaun in 2010. It featured a curved contour design with dual-columns; the side-bar and main content. This design was effective in delivering information to our members about our events, news and the IEEE. This design was awarded 11th place in the regional IEEE Student Branch Website Contest.

The new design is based on theĀ Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress website, with the design taken to a whole new level. The new design aims to use distinct elements that are optimised specifically for what the Branch does, the information that needs to be conveyed and allows us to communicate with the unique audience of members.

What’s new?

Example of the summaries and reading more

The new site sports a straight edged design to envelope the structure of the website, as well as differentiating the different elements of it. Within it, there is a new header and footer. The header is made up of images of the Branch and the latest articles on the Spectrum, enabling quick and interactive access to the most read IEEE magazine. The header also consists of a new navigation bar. The footer allows quick access to places on the site that are most relevant for our membership. It provides links to the latest event reports, upcoming events and news. It also provides access to other sites that are most relevant to the Branch’s members. For example, the New Zealand North Section’s site is linked to, which all student members are a part of. Our articles now sport a summary before you read more (right) into the intricate details of our articles, helpful if our members only want quick summaries of information.

The above are just a few things out of the attention to detail we’ve put towards the site. We hope that these changes have improved the unique experience our visitors will gain from our work, and we certainly look forward to improving things further as time goes on.