Our Branch ranks top amongst IEEE Xtreme 5.0 Programming Competition

Bitware programming at the IEEE Xtreme 5.0 Programming Competition.

Bitware team

From the 23rd to 24th of October, 17 teams battled it out against other teams for the worldwide 24-hour IEEE Xtreme 5.0 Programming Competition.

The official results have just came in, and we would like to congratulate our top team Bitware, who comprise of Ronald Chan, Lu Wang, and Ralph Versteegen, for ranking 15th among the top programmers in the world!

This year, we have had to compete against over 1500 teams, a substantial increase of competition from last year’s 900 teams, despite this, overall our Branch’s teams have done extremely well with six teams with top 100 rankings – one more than last year. All the teams from The University of Auckland are:

15 Bitware
58 StackUnderflow
62 TheJBJTeam
68 SegmentationFault
89 VirtualMachine
170 2ProsAnd1NonPro
184 CtrlU
194 LargeHadronCollider
217 ShakeItLikeASaltShak
253 FatalError
283 ForTheLuls
322 Team10
587 HighFrequencyCoders
706 UOAExec
1432 CodeAtMeBro

For the full list of rankings and country or region based results, here.