Practice Interviews 2012

When: 2pm onwards, Friday, 6th July 2012
Where: Owen G Glenn Building, The University of Auckland
Who: Restricted to only active IEEE members

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch is proud to announce our annual Practice Interviews event. This event involves mock job interviews with real representatives from the industry. Each participant will have the opportunity to be interviewed by a company of their choice. In previous years, there has been companies from Fisher & Paykel, Vector, Orion Health, and many more.

The interviews last for 30 minutes each, which involves a 20 minute job interview, and 10 minute feedback session on your interview and your CV. This is a rare opportunity to improve your employment skills.

After the event, there will be a chance to socialise and network over finger food and drinks with all of the employers on the day. This is a great way to make professional connections in a career, in engineering. This is a very rare and valuable opportunity for a student so you should not miss out: feedback from a real job interview and a networking session with industrial representatives from several top NZ & international companies!

How to Register for Practice Interviews

Fill out this form: Registration Form. Note, the registration requires you to be logged in with your university UPI and password.

Future emails will only be sent out to those who register. The closing date for registrations is by the end of Friday, 29th June. Places are limited, and typically fill up very quickly. So sign up now or you will miss out.

We will be sending employers a copy of your CV before the Practice Interviews, more information will be sent out about this. This means you should get working on your CV now as we will be enforcing a strict no-CV, no interview policy.

See you there!

CD/DVD Manufacturing Plant Field Trip

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch would like to invite you on a field trip to the Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd – a CD and DVD manufacturing plant in Ponsonby.

Picture of Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd

Stebbing Recording Centre started out as a recording studio in the mid-1940’s and since then has moved into cassette, VHS, CD and DVD replication. Their replication facilities in Ponsonby transform raw polycarbonate into the fully packaged CDs and DVDs that are available at retail outfits all over New Zealand. This field trip is an excellent opportunity to see a high-tech industrial automation facility that incorporates all areas of electrical and computer engineering.
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Our Branch ranks top amongst IEEE Xtreme 5.0 Programming Competition

Bitware programming at the IEEE Xtreme 5.0 Programming Competition.

Bitware team

From the 23rd to 24th of October, 17 teams battled it out against other teams for the worldwide 24-hour IEEE Xtreme 5.0 Programming Competition.

The official results have just came in, and we would like to congratulate our top team Bitware, who comprise of Ronald Chan, Lu Wang, and Ralph Versteegen, for ranking 15th among the top programmers in the world!

This year, we have had to compete against over 1500 teams, a substantial increase of competition from last year’s 900 teams, despite this, overall our Branch’s teams have done extremely well with six teams with top 100 rankings – one more than last year. All the teams from The University of Auckland are:

15 Bitware
58 StackUnderflow
62 TheJBJTeam
68 SegmentationFault
89 VirtualMachine
170 2ProsAnd1NonPro
184 CtrlU
194 LargeHadronCollider
217 ShakeItLikeASaltShak
253 FatalError
283 ForTheLuls
322 Team10
587 HighFrequencyCoders
706 UOAExec
1432 CodeAtMeBro

For the full list of rankings and country or region based results, here.

Our Branch came 9th in the IEEE Region 10 Website Competition

9th out of 58 entries in IEEE Region 10 Website Competition

Recently, we received the results of the IEEE Region 10 Website Competition and we’re pleased to announce that we have come 9th out of 58 entries. This is a good improvement over our previous entry (last year), where we achieved 11th place in the competition, by submitting a brand new design. It is certainly our hope to do better next year and to continuously improve our website for the benefit of our members.

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A completely new design of our website



A team of the Executive, made up of Hengjie (Chair, left) and Shaun (IT Officer, right), have completely revamped the Student Branch website. This is the second redesign of the website in the past two years and it is a significant one. Below you’ll hear about our design rationale, our design taste and why we think it’ll provide our IEEE members an unique experience, like nowhere else.

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IEEE Software Patents Debate

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch and in association with The University of Auckland Debating Society is proud to present the public Software Patents Debate on Friday 15th of October. If you’re a programmer, this debate is for you. It will debate the issue of whether or not software should be patentable. It’s important to come to this debate because the Patents Bill reform currently before Parliament, which seeks to exclude software from patentability. It affects everyone, from budding programmers to large multinational companies (think Microsoft).

Do software patents stifle innovation and competition?  Or will excluding software patents stop companies developing innovative programs?

We will have experts from both sides of the issue pitch their arguments to you.

Guest speakers include:
Peter Harrison – Vice-President of New Zealand Open Source Society (NZOSS).
Igor Portugal – CEO of Vadacom.
Ben Milsom – The University of Auckland Debating Society.
Mitchell Cooper – The University of Auckland Debating Society.

Date: Friday, 15th of October.
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm.
Venue: The University of Auckland, School of Engineering, Eng1439/401-439 (by the Neon Foyer).
Notes: This is a public debate, it’s open to everyone.