Annual Job Skills Seminar and Practice Interviews

During the semester break of 2012, the University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch held our two annual professional events: the Job Skills Seminar and Practice Interviews.

The Job Skills Seminar was held in the afternoon of Wednesday the 27th of June. The event was held in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland and was attended by 60-70 people. Most of the attendees were students within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University. The event was free for all students, not only IEEE members.

The speakers for this event were Shaun Pulman from the University Careers Services and Trish Rees from Dignan Consulting Ltd. Topics covered included Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letters, Interview Preparation and Job Search Skills specific to engineers. The event taught students valuable life skills that would not be taught in regular classroom situations.

Shaun Pulman beginning his talk on CV and Cover Letters

Shaun Pulman spoke about creating an effective CV and cover letter, depending on the job or organization that is being applied for. This was done by providing examples of effective CV and cover letters written by others in the past. Trish Rees explained how to present one’s self for an interview and gave useful hints on how to search for jobs. This included subtle details which could make or break your interview.

Refreshments of pizza, chips and non-alcoholic beverages were supplied after the event for all those who attended. During this time, students were able to interact personally with our key-note speakers.

Just over a week later, on Friday the 6th of July, the Practice Interviews event was held. The break between the two events allowed students time to make full use of the topics covered in the Job Skills Seminar. As our flagship event of the year, this event was open only to our IEEE student members. The event was held on campus within various rooms of the Owen G. Glenn building. Attendees were comprised of over 65 student members from the IEEE Student Branch as well as 17 representatives from 14 different companies across the Engineering and IT industry.

A short break halfway through the day allowed for students and interviewers to mingle

The day involved a series of two mock interviews for each student who attended with the various industry representatives. These interviews were allocated by the choice of the student as to their preferred company. The first interview began at 2:00pm and each interview lasted about thirty minutes. Twenty minutes of each time slot was spent conducting the mock interview and ten minutes was given for the interviewer to provide the student with feedback on the interview and helpful critique of their CV.

At 5:30pm, following the final round of interviews, a catered evening function was held in the Neon Foyer of the Faculty of Engineering. This function was attended by the majority of student participants and also the industry representatives who had kindly given their time to perform the practice interviews.

The event was a great success and students and interviewers were very glad to be part of the proceedings as there were benefits of attending for both parties. Students were able to gain a first-hand interview experience with knowledgeable members of the industry. These interviewers were able to offer invaluable tips in interviewing for positions within the Engineering/IT industry and about how to improve a CV. These tips and tricks will surely have made the student attendees wiser in their endeavours to look for summer work or graduate positions in the industry. Furthermore, the interviewers who attended were able to promote their companies to the members of the student branch and make themselves known to the student body.

From positive feedback received after both events, it is clear that all participants found the events useful and enjoyable.

Sky Tower Field Trip

The IEEE Student Branch is organizing its annual trip to the Sky Tower! This interesting and exciting field trip entails a tour around parts of the Skytower off limits to the general public, including the opportunity to:

  • View the world’s largest FM combining system, broadcasting 16 FM radio stations from one antenna
  • See the communications duct: a vertical tunnel running right from the bottom to the top of the tower, containing among other things fibre optic, coaxial and 11kv power cables
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views from the public observation decks


Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday 21st August
  • Time: Two consecutive tours – 10:50am & 11:50am
  • Duration: Set aside 2 hours; to account for walking time, the tour itself should last 1 hour
  • Venue:Corner of Victoria and Federal St, Auckland.
           – Walking group: A IEEE Student Branch member will lead a walking group from the University of Auckland; Walking group meets at ECE Undergraduate foyer no later than 10:30am for first tour or 11:30am for the second tour.

           – Non-walking group: Please meet the rest of the group by the doors of the Casino Atrium no later than 10:50am or 11:50am for tour 1 and tour 2 respectively.

  • Cost: Free for all University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch members


To register your interest, please fill in the form located here.

This event is only open to IEEE members. Not a member? Sign up here.

Spaces are strictly limited to 10 people per tour and will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

If there are any further questions, feel free to e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Job Skills Seminar 2012

When: 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Wednesday 27 June 2012
Where: Eng 3.404, Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland
Who: ALL students are welcome!

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch Executive Committee would like to welcome you to our annual Job Skills Seminar, with speaker Shaun Pulman from the University Careers Services and another speaker to be confirmed shortly.

Topics covered include CV and Cover Letters, Interview Preparation and Job Search Skills specific to engineers. Many students will be commencing applications for summer/graduate work around this time, so attendance at this seminar will give you the necessary competitive edge to get the job you want.

The event is free to ALL students, not only IEEE members. Refreshments will also be provided after the seminar.

P.S. Keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming flagship event, the annual Practice Interviews. Note in your calendars the 6th of July!

Edit: The event’s slides are available to download below:
Trish Rees’ Presentation
Shaun Pulman’s Presentation

Endace Cup 2011 Winners: Electrical Part III

The annual IEEE Student Branch Soccer Tournament was held on the 13th of September at the University Recreational Centre.  This year marked the introduction of two new teams into the Soccer Tournament; Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Science, who proved to be determined competitors. The other competing teams in the tournament came from the specialisations: Mechatronics, Electrical, Software and Computer Systems engineering as well as a post-graduate ECE team.
The tournament lasted three hours, each game being 15 minutes long. The speed of the games built up the atmosphere within the Recreational Centre and it was evident that all the teams were focused on winning the Endace Cup for 2011. Read more

Student Branch wins the Region 10 Outstanding Student Branch Award 2011

On the 8th of July, The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch was presented with the 2011 Region 10 Outstanding Student Branch Award. The Branch also received a certificate for third place as an Exemplary Student Branch in 2010. The awards were presented to the Branch during the Congress Dinner of the IEEE Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress held in Auckland.

From left: Chuan-Zheng Lee, holding the 2010 Award; Adrian Pais, 2002 Branch Chair; and Hengjie Wang, holding the Outstanding Student Branch 2011 Award

Professor Michael Davies, The University of Auckland Dean of Engineering, was delighted by the Branch being presented with the awards for both 2010 and 2011. “The award of the top student branch in 2011 is a reflection of the professional way in which the Auckland IEEE Student Branch contributed to the success of the Congress as well as their other activities.”

Dr. Nirmal Nair, The University of Auckland IEEE SB Counsellor since 2005, remarks that the Branch has come a long way in terms of strategic and sustained growth and for the quality of activities it offers to its members. He is particularly delighted with the fact that the Branch has served as a wonderful incubator for leadership amongst its student branch volunteers.

Read more

ECE Indoor Soccer Tournament

The annual Student Branch ECE Indoor Soccer Tournament is coming up soon.

When: Tuesday 13th of September, 2pm to 5pm
Where: University Recreational Centre (Gym)
Registration deadline: Tuesday 30th August (contact your class rep now!)
Who: Current students in ECE, Mechatronics, Engineering Science, Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.

Who will take home the Endace Cup this year? Will the ECE Postgrads keep the cup from last year, or will the newcomers from Engineering Science or Biomedical Engineering take the cake?

If you want to enter the tournament, please contact your class representatives urgently, they’re organising the teams. Depending on levels of interest, your class representatives might join forces to make joint teams (e.g. Software Eng. Part 2 and 3). Please note that EEE and CSE Part 2 already have 5 players – contact the class representatives if you want to join them as a substitute.

The format is 5-a side knockout with rolling subs, 15 minutes a game and with sudden death penalty shootouts. More details of the rules and draw will be out soon.

Don’t forget there will also be free food and drinks for tournament participants =)
Even if you aren’t in the team come along and support your specialisation!

Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress Auckland 2011

Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress Auckland 2011 Website

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch proudly brings you an international event of unmatched scope.

Are you ready to take the next step and expand your global outlook? Do you want to mingle with international delegates from all over the world, from every country between Japan, Pakistan and New Zealand? If so, then this event is for you!

In July this year, The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch is hosting an international conference for IEEE members, and we have limited openings for our IEEE Student Members. The conference is open for local members from the 8th to the 10th July.

Read more

Job Skills Seminar 2011

The Job Skills Seminar was yesterday and we had a great turnout to the event once again with over 70 attending! We had two brilliant speakers, Shaun Pulman from University Careers Services and Marion Rogers from Tri-Tek Services. A big shout-out also has to go out to all the execs that turned up on the day to help out and those that helped in the days leading up to the event. Below you may download Shaun’s Powerpoint slides.

Download Shaun Pulman’s Slides

Highlights of the day included:

* Hengjie, our Chairman, MCing the event with his beloved iPad 2
* Josheel, our Treasurer, suiting up

For all our members who have signed up, don’t forget we still have the Practice Interviews coming up next Tuesday!

For Budding Professionals: The IEEE Practice Interviews and Job Skills Seminar ’11

Regstrations are closed, however those who have registered may select their preferences by clicking below.

Practice Interviews Preferences Form

The University of Auckland IEEE Student Branch proudly presents two of its most exciting annual events: the Job Skills Seminar and the Practice Interviews.

JOB SKILLS SEMINAR – Get the Job You Want
Speaker: Marion Rogers
Date: 11th April – first Monday of the mid-semester holidays
Venue: Conference Centre Lecture Theatre (Room 423-342)
Time: TBA
Note: Open to ALL Students

Come and hear some valuable insight from Marion Rogers, director of TriTek Consultants and an expert on job recruitment in the technical industries (EEE, CSE, SE, CompSci, Mechatronics, EngSci, Biomedical Eng). Topics covered include CV and Cover Letters, Interview Preparation and Job Search Skills specific to engineers. Many students will be commencing applications for summer/graduate work around this time, so attendance at this seminar will give you the necessary competitive edge to get the job you want. Marion will be available after the seminar for a quick Q&A session over free food and drinks. Mark this exciting event on your calendars now!

Read more

Practice Interviews

Click to Register for the Practice Interviews

Date: Thursday 8th July

Venue: OGG Building – Second and third floors

Time: 12:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Companies: Vector, Endace, Aviat Networks, Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and many more

Note: Participation restricted to IEEE members

This event involves mock job interviews with real industrial representatives. Each participant will have the chance to be interviewed by a company of their choice. Previously representatives from Beca, Navico, Rakon and Vodafone have also attended. The interviews last for 30 minutes each, which involves a 20 minute job interview and a 10 minute feedback session on the interview and your CV – a rare opportunity to improve your employment skills.

After the event there is a chance to socialise and network with all the employers from the day. Making good professional contacts is crucial for a successful career in engineering. This is a very rare and valuable opportunity for a student and should not be missed by anyone! There is also free catered finger food and drink available at this function.

How to Register for the Practice Interviews

Simply visit the following address and fill out the registration form here.

This registration form will require you to log in with your university UPI and corresponding password.

All further emails regarding the practice interviews will be sent only to those who register. The closing date for registration is on the 15th of June, and places are very limited so sign up today or you may miss out!

You need to be an IEEE member to participate in the Practice Interviews, and must register with us.

Non IEEE members can register online now at